To Our Clients

From KVMA members to our caring clients:

When COVID-19 came to our shores and the first quarantine measures were put in place, many of us were thinking we’d be back to business as usual long before now. Nine months later, veterinarians and their beloved clients are still interacting under social distancing guidelines.

As an organization of veterinarians who value the relationship between pets and people, we say,


For your patience:
All of us are going to have stories to share about 2020. It has been a trying year for pet owners, veterinarians and the wonderful staff that support our clinics and hospitals. Many of you have experienced longer waits for appointments, longer appointment times, and spending a lot of time on the phone. Taking the extra time out of your schedule to ensure your pet has a successful visit is very much appreciated.

For your trust:
Part of protecting the staff and clients has led to curbside service and other socially distanced measures, meaning pets and their caretakers may not be together during an office visit. We appreciate the trust it takes to leave your furry friend with the veterinary team. We love animals, and much care is taken behind the scenes in normal circumstances, and we continue to give the best level of care even if you can’t be there.

For your kindness:
So many of you have taken the time to express your gratitude for the work we are doing to care for your pets during this time. Veterinarians and staff have families and pets and are experiencing many of the same struggles as the rest of the population; personal medical leave, family members that need extra care, school schedule changes, etc. It is so refreshing to hear words of support in cards, emails, phone calls and on social media.

We continue to ask for your patience, trust and kindness as we head into the new year with the need to continue following recommended guidelines to protect the community. If you have postponed your pet’s wellness checkup, make arrangements as soon as you can. Communication is key to making your visit as smooth as possible. Check your email, texts and your veterinarian’s website and social media pages for guidance in making your visit run as smoothly as possible. Allow for extra time when scheduling visits and requesting medications. Most importantly, continue to support your veterinarian’s efforts in whatever they ask to keep you and your pets safe and healthy.

Best wishes to you and yours!
Knoxville Veterinary Medical Association

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