With Love & Affection

A nonprofit, Knoxville Veterinary Medical Association is dedicated to preserving the happiness and sanctity of animals and the veterinarians who serve them.


Expert Vets for your Pets

The Knox Area Veterinary Medical Association is dedicated to:

(I) Cultivating colligative feelings and closer relationships among

member veterinarians.

(II) Improving its members by the presentation of scientific


(III) Promoting high standards and ethics of veterinary medicine,

this Corporation having adopted the Code of Ethics of the

American Veterinary Medical Association;

(IV) Devising ways and means of providing united aid to protect

local qualified practitioners of veterinary medicine in their pursuit

of their profession; and

(V) T o serve the community by promoting public health issues and

education as it pertains to veterinary medicine and animal welfare.

This in part is fostered through the offering of annual low-cost

rabies vaccination programs designed to enhance public health,

safety, and welfare.